Details: Paint correction is at the core of what we do. This is the process of removing swirl marks, scratches, surface defects, and water etching. Through the removal of the damaged paint material, a refined surface is reveals your paint’s highest potential. As the paint is worked through multiple stages, a virtually defect-free finish can be achieved, that is often better than new. Our trained and certified detailers provide second-to-none results.

Our entry level paint correction service is our Paint Enhancement detail, in which the vehicle receives a light polishing to remove swirl marks and small surface imperfections.

We offer different levels of intensive correction services, ranging from a single stage to full correction. All paint correction services include a thorough wash, decontamination, and durable sealant or wax to protect the refined finish. Upon request we will apply longer lasting paint coating product at an added cost.

Every paint correction comes with a complimentary interior vacuum.


1 Stage correction $400 - $450 Expect a 50% reduction in paint defects and an increase in gloss and clarity
Stage Correction $800-1000 Expect a 75% reduction in paint defects and a drastic increase in gloss and clarity
Full Correction $75/hr rate
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